Language, literacy and numeracy are essential skills for employees in any organisation. These skills, collectively termed Communication Skills, not only encompass reading and writing, but also listening, speaking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Your employees need these skills to:

  • Take part in a team meeting
  • Fill out forms
  • Follow or give instructions
  • Estimate or calculate quantities
  • Understand and meet compliance requirements
  • Follow procedures
  • Solve problems

Workplace Communication with Cornerstone Education


The lack of communication skills is a significant and often hidden problem in many New Zealand organisations. The Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey in 2006 found that an incredible 43% of New Zealanders between 16 and 65 lack the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to operate effectively in the modern workplace.

Not having these skills impacts not only the individual and your business, but New Zealand’s economy as a whole. As a result, the Government provides funding for most New Zealand citizens and permanent residents to participate free of charge.

Cornerstone Education’s fully government-funded Workplace Communication programmes improve your employee’s language, literacy and numeracy skills which improves your business performance.

Every programme we run is customised to address the organisation’s specific business issues stemming from workplace communication problems. Measurable goals and objectives are established to ensure that collectively we are achieving the outcomes you want from the training. Your employees will learn a range of new skills and gain confidence to help them in their work and home life.