Fees Free. What is it?

From 1 January 2018, the first year of tertiary education will be fees free for eligible learners. To read more FAQs on the Fees Free initiative click here.

What’s the difference in this qualification and theirs – they look the same to me.

The NZQA qualification is the same through both PTE’s.  For this reason, there are many similarities between the two programmes.  However, each has its own healthcare context and areas of focus within the Learning Outcomes.  Cornerstone Education focuses on further education and employment outcomes in general health and healthcare.  Naturopathic College programme has more focus on natural health and therapies in select parts of the programme.

How much online and how much face to face?

The majority of the course is online however if you are based in the South Auckland area there will also be a workshop held at the start of each course giving you an opportunity to meet other students and interact with your tutor in a face to face environment.

How much time do the workshops take up?

The workshops run for four hours and will be held at the beginning of each course (the programme has four courses). They will be held either on a Saturday from 10am-2pm or one weekday evening from 4pm-8pm

What health equipment do we get to use?

This course is an online entry level course so there will be no health equipment provided or used.

Will we be observing at hospitals?

No – this is an entry level study and career preparation course that can lead to further study and careers in the health and health care sector.

Do I need a computer?

Yes – you will need a computer with internet access. You will also need access to the Microsoft suite for assessments.

What if I only want to do online?

The workshops are optional so if you prefer not to attend that is also no problem.

What if I get stuck and need help face to face?

Your tutors are available at the workshops which are held at the start of each course and are also available via video chat – you just need to message them and setup a meeting time.

Can I get a job once I have done this course?

This is a study and career preparation course that can lead to further study and entry level careers in the health care sector.

What sort of job can I get with this course?

Without further study, you may get roles working in community health and education, health promotion, health and well-being advice, as well as healthcare management and administration roles such as practice management support and clinical coding.  There are a number of possible directions that further study can take you, ranging from professional roles such as nursing and public health management to community and health practice roles.  Further study may also lead you into healthcare management and administration.

I want to help my community. What sort of roles could I get after doing this course?

This is a study and career preparation course that can lead to further study as well as careers in the health care sector – health, health management, health promotion, health sciences and healthcare, typically below degree level.  It may also lead to study for careers in professional or clinical roles which are typically bachelor level qualifications e.g. nursing, midwifery, public health management and similar.

Could I go in to a nursing course after I have done this?

We would expect so, but there are other factors that could influence this as well, including any medical conditions you may have and the entry requirements of the particular organisation you would like to enrol in.  We would happily discuss this with you to clarify and give you the confidence around this before enrolment into our programme

Can I go on to a higher qualification? Do I need to get a higher qualification?

Yes, you can go on to higher study, which will frequently improve your chances of employment.  However, whether you need a higher qualification will depend on your career aspirations.  We would clarify this with you during pre-enrolment process.

Where are the classes held?

The majority of your learning is done online using our Learning Management System – CANVAS. In the South Auckland area it is also supported by workshops which will be held at 30B Ash Road, Wiri.

How do I get there?

Our workshops are held at our Wiri campus. This is close to public transport and there are student car parks on-site. We run a free pick-up and drop-off from Manukau and Homai train stations.

Do you subsidise transport costs or have transport solutions?

We do have a van that can pick up if necessary.

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